About Me


My name is Kaye, I’m nearly 46 and I’m a Plus Size Fashion Blogger with a passion for fashion and beauty, and you’ll find both on Polished Curves.

I’m very happily married to a wonderful guy, who I firmly believe is my soul mate!  We have 7 kids between us and although our life can be very hectic at times, it’s also a blast and I love every minute of it!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog!

Kaye xx


4 responses to “About Me

  1. Wow, I’m Heidi from the USA, and I’m so relieved to find a blog of a woman whose style I really like and who is a fellow gen-Xer!!! (I’m 45). I’ve browsed through your pages and I frankly thought you were 27!
    Anyway, glad to know you’re there and thanks for the inspiration.


    • Thanks for your lovely comment! 27 eh? That’s made my day! So pleased you like my blog and I’m flattered that you find me an inspiration. Thanks again xx


  2. Just followed you on Instagram and had to have a look at your blog!! It’s soo refreshing seeing your Instagram and this blog as apposed to the Instagram profiles of those girls just out to get male attention wearing next to nothing and blogging about Mac candy yum yum lipstick which seems to be the only product in their make up bags! I love the sense of personality that shines through in your posts! X


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