A fashionable age?

I am 41, I turn 42 in May.

I am at the happiest and most confident I have ever been.

It’s taken me years to get this far. I have been self conscious for most of my life, I remember being very self conscious as a teenager, I used to change my clothes numerous times before going out if I thought my outfit wasn’t right. I was constantly worried about how people thought I looked. My self-confidence didn’t change in my 20’s.  It was as I approached 35, that I started to feel more confident.  I think this change was partly down to meeting my husband. He gave me the confidence to enjoy life and be myself.

Recently I have seen and heard women in their 40’s on social media, and who I know personally, saying ‘ I cannot wear that at my age’ or questioning if a certain item of clothing is ok for them to wear in their 40’s.  Why?  As women are we expected to turn  40 and wear twinset and pearls, or polyester trousers with an elasticated waist?

I don’t think I look my age, (big head) and I don’t feel my age either.

So why should I dress my age?

There isn’t an age limit on clothes, shoes and accessories.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not talking about going into New Look and buying up all the crop tops and hot pants and parading around in them, thinking I’m 20, I’m not and never will be again, Thank God! 

But a slogan t-shirt, a patterned dress, or a biker jacket  isn’t going to scream ‘mutton done up as lamb’.  It’s about taking one trend at a time and making it work for you.

I used to limit what I wore because of my size.  I wore long tunics, lots of black and ankle length denim skirts (yep I went there). But now I wear the traditional fat girl no-no’s of horizontal stripes and I wear bodycon skirt and dresses. I’m proud of my size, and proud of my age.  It’s my body and my money and I will not let the fashion nazis out there dictate to me what I can or cannot wear because of my size or age!

To be honest I had a ‘mutton done up as lamb’  moment recently myself. I had been out shopping and bought a denim shirt. I remember denim shirts in the 80’s, I had one and loved it to death. I knew how versatile these shirts were and I’d toyed with the idea of buying one for a few weeks, so thought why not.  I took it home and then thought hang on woman what are you doing wearing something you wore at 15?  But my hubby told me to stop being stupid and that I looked fab. So I kept it.

I hope you are seeing my point here. After years of women beating themselves up because they aren’t a particular size or shape, I don’t think we should be putting boundries on ourselves just because of the ageing process!

Oh and if you want to buy polyester trousers please go ahead, just don’t expect me to wear them.
I want to be dragged kicking and screaming to the old folks home still wearing my jeans and biker jacket!

Loads of Love Kaye xx



6 responses to “A fashionable age?

    • Hahaha 22? I knew there was a reason I liked you Fiona! (Cheques in the post!)

      I don’t really have any secrets other than looking after my skin since I was 18 and I am very meticulous looking after my skin.


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  2. I couldn’t agree more with this. I am 37 this year. I don’t feel (or really think I look it) anywhere near this. I wear what I want and feel happy in myself. I’ll probably still have long hair and get my boobs out when I am in my 50’s and 60’s 🙂 x


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